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Spent the last two weeks remaking the game

I made a big decision two weeks ago, I'd take the game and remake it from scratch, to save file size, there were so many optimizations that needed to be made, including upgrading to the new render pipeline. In the process of optimizing my code, I decided to experiment with the Origin Engine, and I made a breakthrough, the Origin v2 Engine is now the most powerful, most efficient, most versatile game engine in the history of games. It can field a universe over 6 * 10^100 meters cubed, compare that to the size of the observable universe (8*10^80 cubic meters) without any load times.

The real way this game is special is that it allows for eclipsing of moons, without bubble merge, or position inconsistencies.

Here is a short demo of the new Origin v2 Engine, by the end of March, Starfly Origin v2 will have all the same functionalities of the previous Starfly game, plus a whole collection of new features.

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