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Project "N"

In November 2022, I started over again this time with a new Engine idea. I called it the "Milllicast" Engine. Much more powerful and versatile than the Doublecast Engine. In fact, an order of magnitude more powerful and efficient. I have further made improvements to the engine in both power and efficiency and now call it the "Ori" Engine.

"Why don't I just stick with one project and see it all the way through?" This time, I am. Starship League was a product of tinkering, I had not anticipated I'd get as far as I did. It started out as an Entry into Space Game Junkie's 10th anniversary game jam. I may revisit the project at a later time, but when I was exploring a new approach I found a much better way to construct a game engine. Project "N" is not the official name of the project. I have another name in mind.

Project "N" consists of a new physics engine "Orica V3" Engine, a new position engine dubbed the "Ori" Engine, a new population engine dubbed the "Tri-arc" Population Engine and new procedural trade lane network called the "Nexus" Engine.

My ambition for the project requires that it be scalable, and that means I benefit greatly from increases in efficiency of code this new engine affords. The power of the engine is more than sufficient for my ambitions and now I'm going to work to produce a game this time.

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