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Starship League

"The Starmaster is dead. Long live the Starmaster."

- From Developer Andrew L Frazier -

A once-in a lifetime opportunity is before you. A competition to become the next Starmaster. Can you overcome the 16 Leagues of Solar Reach to become Starmaster?" Accrue your squadron fight to obtain the status of Starmaster, and make all of Solar Reach your own.

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About Us

A passion for game design.

Frazier-Wing Studios was founded by Andrew L. Frazier in 2020. Driven by desire to create a compelling gaming experience. To create something iconic, beloved and revered.

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Latest Release

Starship League (0.42) Update: Procedural Trade Lane Networks!

- Developed procedural trade lane networks,
- New and improved Double3 class, improved workflow and efficiency.
- New shader code for UI (Text and Image), allowing for glow (non stencil-based) that passes vertex colors to the shader. Improved depth fog shader.
-Improved flight model
-Work on procedural planets, atmospheric scattering,
-Improved space particle system
-Improved and simplified lens flares

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