- Starfly - Origin

"Your captains idiocy is Earth's only hope"

- From developer Andrew L Frazier -

The year is After Colony 071. You are drafted into the U.N.E.'s Outer-Space Counter Piracy Division and join a squadron called the "Suit of Aces" under an inept captain named Belroy Flanagan. Flanagan is a man renowned for his idiocy, and due to his incompetence, your squadron's reputation is at an all-time low. Your role is to protect trade and transport from the threat of pirates. Given your squadron's poor reputation, helpless pilots go to great lengths to ensure the Suit of Aces, and captain Flanagan's toxic foolishness, stay far, far away.

As relations between the colonies and Earth strain, the six pirate clans unify under a single banner. Led by Starleader Orica, and Viceleader Mabus, they call themselves the "Star Shadow Syndicate". Their numbers swell, their power multiplies, they develop new resources, tactics and technologies. The O.S.C.P.D. soon finds itself out-supplied, out-manned, out-gunned, and out-smarted. Will you defy the odds and protect Earth and the colonies from the threat posed by the Star Shadow Syndicate? Suit up. Join the Suit of Aces and become the reluctant hero you were born to be.


About Us

A passion for game design.

Frazier-Wing Studios was founded by Andrew L. Frazier in 2020. Driven by desire to create a compelling gaming experience. To create something iconic, beloved and revered.


Latest Release

Version - (

It has been a productive two days, since the release of (


-Algorithm-perfect NPC and player accuracy, without homing behavior on the projectile. THIS IS HUGE!

-Offscreen selected target now has distance readout and U.I. developed by me in Autodesk Sketchbook (along with all the U.I.).

-Waypoints now scale up with distance

-Atmosphere rendering overlaying U.I. bug fixed.

All in two days!

Original Score by Kevin Macleod

Track: Thunderbird

License: (CC BY-4.0)